The Right Choice


Make the right choice

Your deserve to be protected! That's why Toyota has established the "NO TO COUNTERFEIT" campaign to fight the emerging Toyota counterfeit parts in the market. This campaign aims to inform our dealers and out beloved customers against the counterfeit parts to strengthen countermeasures against fake parts. This site will feature tips on how our Toyota vehicle users can avoid further damage to their cars using counterfeit products. Only Toyota Genuine Parts are reliable, so make the right choice!

Logo is misspelled
Packages that bear a logo resembling the Toyota logo with different words or that includes the product name are obviously forged packages.
Printing quality is poor
Packaging quality should be consistent. Check the package color and printing quality. It the letters are distorted or the color of the package differs from that of the packages or other parts, it is a forged package. (However in some cases, the color of the package may change or it may become damaged according to the conditions in which it was stored.)