Just like you, your car deserves only the best. That's why you should always use Toyota Genuine Parts for your car. Toyota Genuine Parts are designed to keep your car running for years to come. They undergo meticulous quality testing and continuous product improvement. Each guarantees hassle-free driving and comes with that priceless peace-of-mind. Don't be deceived by cheaper replacement and imitation parts available in the market. Your car deserves only Toyota Genuine Parts.


A well-built machine like your Toyota deserves a companion to keep if functioning on the same highest level of performance. Genuine Toyota Motor Oils and Chemicals do just that. They keep your Toyota in tiptop shape. Because all Genuine Toyota Oils and Chemicals are formulated specifically for Toyota Vehicles to maintain optimium car performance. Make your car running like new. Use only Genuine Toyota Oils and Chemicals.


Your deserve to be protected! That's why Toyota has established the "NO TO COUNTERFEIT" campaign to fight the emerging Toyota counterfeit parts in the market. This campaign aims to inform our dealers and out beloved customers against the counterfeit parts to strengthen countermeasures against fake parts. This site will feature tips on how our Toyota vehicle users can avoid further damage to their cars using counterfeit products. Only Toyota Genuine Parts are reliable, so make the right choice!

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