Introducing the 86

A desire to bring true delight and joy of driving to greater numbers of people. This was the passion that spurred Toyota engineers to create a low, beautiful, completely sensual and emotional body design. One that achieves dynamic, functional beauty ideal for a new generation lightweight sports car.

The high level of its performance and quality lets every driver feel the true joy of sports car performance. Toyota 86 - it will ignite YOUR passion for driving.

Inside or out, the 86 embraces the driver the way the car embraces the track. Its aggressive stance and character lines will leave you in awe with its wind shaped body lines. Its cockpit will surely ignite the racing passion inside you.
Comfort and Luxury
As a Philosophy Toyota believes that getting into a sports car should be like entering another world and leaving ordinary life behind. The feel when driving the 86 channels a sensation of uniting the car with the driver. The 86 is a definition of a true sports car that offers hardcore car enthusiasts the fun and pleasure a driver truly deserves.
Power and Performance
The creation of the 86 was fueled by Toyota's years of engineering, innovation and lengthy racing heritage. In engineering Toyota's goal is to create a unique rear-wheel drive sports car that is fun to drive. Made with compelling style, extraordinary balance and superb handling, all of these characteristics are realized by the 86.
It maybe a worn-out cliche but the 86 best epitomizes great power with greater responsibility. Superior driving stability, and a combination of overall safety and sports car maneuverability.